Marriage Monday Tip #18

Be honest and open about your feelings. Were you hurt or became angry with something your spouse said? Let them know in a respectful manner.

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    1. I can understand that. However, waiting until you’ve both calmed down and sorted out your feelings may be best.
      Words that you’ll regret later on may be minimized at this point as well.

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      1. Quite true. It’s better to calm down and then vocalize. I think the thing to remember is the goal: you both want a peaceful reconciliation. Focus on that instead of venting how you feel.

        Also, be sure to take time to listen instead of just talking. A good idea might be to set a timer for 5 mins. Each person gets a chance to speak until the timer sounds. The other person only interrupts if they don’t understand something that their spouse has said.

        Ultimately, I think the timer can somehow reduce the anger that simmering and remind both husband and wife that the need to communicate well. šŸ™‚

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      2. The point is to resolve the situation not vent on the other person. Effective listening can help end the unpleasant situation faster.


  1. When my feelings are hurt, I don’t talk at first, and then I talk, and then the drama starts. Lol. This is what I’m working out honestly, to tell how you feel without or less drama. But you know what, some of those dramas made us closer cause we deal with our feelings and make agreements to avoid the same problem. I agree, we should respect our spouses even when we’re upset. Sharing this to my fb. šŸ™‚

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