Be True

There are billions of ways to be unfaithful to your wife but there’s only one way to honor your commitment. That way is choice.

Unfortunately, every day we men are bombarded by women who seem to feel that tempting men is life’s greatest achievement. From movie screens to shopping malls, the naked woman has virtually become the goddess of America (more on that in my upcoming post-A Second Reason why a man might be unfaithful).  

Is it fair? Absolutely not. But it is reality.

While you can’t change society, you can control your choices.

The next time you’re in the bank and the teller decides to show more than she should, look away.

If an old friend on social media tries to (re)ignite a relationship, shut it down or, better yet, bring your spouse into the conversation and tell her what’s going on. There are plenty of opportunities for infidelity but, in reality, there’s no good excuse.

Part of being a man is your own self-respect. When you give in, you’re not scoring points; you’re tearing yourself down and setting yourself on the road to losing the game of life.

Be stronger than the temptation by making up your mind to be true to the woman you love.

Be a man. Be strong. 

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