Eclipsing the Competition

In case you’re wondering, yes, the pun is intended. 🙂 Since the “Great American Eclipse” has just ended, I thought that I’d post an enlightening article on how to brilliantly display talents that will keep your competition…in the dark.

Okay, seriously now, here are 5 tips that every guy should know to succeed in life.

  1. Find your center: We’ve all been given life by God for a reason. You need to find out what your purpose is. How? Pray and then listen. Having a living relationship with God is the most important part of being a great man. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and a host of others all knew the value of being connected to God-especially when faced with overwhelming obstacles.
  2. Set challenging but realistic goals: If your talents and interests lie in architecture, then you want to strive to excel in that field. Your goals will change depending on your stage in life but no matter where you’re at, you want to always challenge yourself in an area that is familiar to you or one in which you’ve already had some form of success.Prospective employers recognize talent but they also look for proven success. You may not have been a NY Times bestselling author, but if you’ve won a local writing award, that’s still a measure of success that can propel you forward.
  3. Be relentless: 
    Once you’ve identified your passion, pursue it relentlessly. If you’ve committed to rebuilding a relationship, don’t stop until all parties are reconciled. The words, never give up, may be a bit cliché but they are definitely true. Every guy faces obstacles and unexpected life events that flip us onto our backs. We’ve all been in spots where it doesn’t seem that we can win.  The question is: what do you do when you’re in that spot?
    We can learn a lesson from the mothers of Sparta who according to legend told their sons,

    “Come back with your shield or on it.”

    In other words, keep on fighting until you win or you die. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

  4. Be compassionate:  
    As much as it pains me to say it, being a man isn’t all about testosterone. We need to be sure that we’re considering the feelings of others in our business deals, family relationships and-most of all- in our marriages. If you’re married (or soon to be), always consider your wife’s feelings. Not only will you make her happy (which will in turn make you happy) but you’ll enrich your relationship in ways that will amaze you.If you got a dream job and know the person who didn’t, don’t gloat. Be merciful and humble about your accomplishments.
  5. Think ahead: 
    Caesar may have said “Fortune favors the bold” but it doesn’t always favor the impetuous. You want to be sure that you are laying plans for the near and distant future.Develop financial safety nets. Invest in making your relationships. Keep working on improving as a person.

    Always remember that whatever  we do brings either good or bad consequences and you want to make wise choices that will set you ahead in life.  No matter what your stage of the journey thinking ahead will keep you at top performance and, ultimately, lay the groundwork for a better life.

Now go forth and shine! 🙂


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