Keep Up!

It’s been a few years of marriage. Responsibilities and expectations start to take over your lives. You and your spouse love each other but don’t get to spend time alone like you used to. Sound familiar?

Keeping up with your spouse through changes and character growth can certainly benefit your marriage.
Think about how well you know your husband or wife. Do you know their:

Favorite place to shop?
Ultimate travel destination?
Favorite type of music or band?
Clothing size and style?
Favorite movie?
Favorite type of food?
Best-loved book/magazine?
Favorite exercise routines?
Favorite sports team?
Intimate needs?

If some of these questions were difficult to answer that’s ok! It means that you and your spouse need to reconnect and communicate more often. Set aside a scheduled date night and just talk about the two of you, nothing else. 
Continue to learn about your spouse as your marriage increases in years. Don’t let the pressures of life make you drift apart. Keep connected and make time to focus on each other.

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  1. The marriage institution is a school for life. You simply can’t stop learning or making the conscious effort to get better. Constantly communicating will definitely keep couples closer through the years.
    Your posts are always inspiring. Thank you very much and stay blessed.👍✌

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