4 Ways To Connect With Your Spouse

Summer is almost over. 

Don’t let it go by without spending time alone with your spouse.

Here are some ideas:

Have fun together – Do something that makes you both laugh. Whether it is playing a game, watching a movie, or cooking dinner giving off that positive energy makes your spouse want to be around you.

Hobby Time – Find a hobby or interest you both share and work on it together. This opens up communication: you can reflect on memories, talk about your future, and what’s going on now. 

Show Appreciation – Focus on each other. You’ll notice the little things your spouse does for you. Does he open the door for you? Does she make you a pot of tea without you asking? Did he buy your favorite flowers? Did she go to a sports event with you when you know she hates sports?

Connect – Spend more time in the bedroom. Surprise your spouse by doing something you don’t usually do. Take your levels of intimacy to new heights and create a stronger bond.

Share any other ideas you have!

One thought on “4 Ways To Connect With Your Spouse

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  1. You’ve pretty summed it up. I can only add making out time to air any bottled-up grievances. This lets out the bad blood and make room for forgiveness and greater bonding and loving.

    A great post.👍👍

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