Marriage Monday Tip #15

Avoid complaining or talking negatively about your spouse on the workplace or anywhere else. Doing this can harm the trust levels you both have and can have undesirable effects.

Enjoy your week!

9 thoughts on “Marriage Monday Tip #15

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  1. I think itā€™s actually a bad idea bad-mouthing your spouse wherever. Yes, there will always be misunderstandings, but I think a better option is for the couple to try and work as a team in resolving their differences together. This helps to build love, mutual respect, confidence, a better understanding and of course a wonderful bond. Nice postšŸ‘

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  2. My father warned me about this. Said that words that leave your mouth and enter your ears become processed by an entirely new portion of your brain and thus become stronger in your mind, even if they were meant as a joke. (Same principle behind why reading Scripture aloud makes it more real.)

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