Inspire Loyalty

Loyalty. It’s what drives soldiers to the front lines, keeps couples together for fifty years, and allows businesses to thrive for generation after generation. It’s a critical aspect of every society and it’s an essential part of every good man’s life. As daunting as inspiring loyalty may seem, I’d argue that there’s really only one thing you need to do. Ready for it?

Show people you care about them.

If you’re a husband trying to salvage your marriage, show your wife that you care about her. Convince her that she’s the most important person in all of creation and that you really want her to be happy with you.

Business owner? There’s a reason that companies like T-Mobile have entire departments dedicated to customer care. I honestly can’t vouch for how much they really care about me, but they do care about my money. The point is that when you demonstrate your commitment to someone/something, you inspire the people on the other end of the line to stay with you through the hard times.

Recently my family went to Mt. Rushmore (a presidential monument in the US) and the speaker told a story about how George Washington (America’s first president) inspired such loyalty from his soldiers that Napoleon Bonaparte (ousted Emperor of France) basically wished he could be like George on his dying bed.

How did Washington, who lost more battles than Napoleon, get people to sign up to fight without pay when they had no shoes on their feet and starved in the winter time? He showed them that they meant something to him. He is renowned for sleeping in the barracks with his men, suffering through the worst of times with them and today, is venerated as one of America’s greatest leaders.

I think every guy can learn a lesson here. Showing you care causes others to care about you. No matter what battleground you’re in, inspire loyalty. It’s worth it.

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