9 Ways to Protect Your Marriage

We want our marriages to last a lifetime. Yet, after some years of marriage small things that can have lasting impacts creep in: mistrust, less communication, or infrequent sex.

How can you protect your marriage from the hurt that these problems bring?

1. Spend time regularly with your spouse – There’s no better way to connect with your spouse than to spend time alone with them. Forget about everything else and focus on each other.

2. Open up about temptations or troubles you’re facing – Talking about personal challenges draws you closer together. Intimate knowledge about your spouse should never be shared or looked down upon.

3. Pray together – You both desire to be pleasing to each other and to God. Lift your spouse up in prayer at the beginning and end of the day.

4. Remember why you married your spouse – Don’t let your spouse’s not-so-perfect or annoying qualities make you negative. Focus your mind on what drew you together. The more positive you are the more likely your spouse will want be around you.

5. Never keep secrets, share everything – Open communication is vital to a successful marriage. Talk about everything.

6. Face challenges together – Make your plans together. Stick together whether they come to fruition or disappoint. 

7. Think before you speak – Words can have lasting effects. Before you blame or criticize your spouse make sure you know all the facts.

8. Have a selfless attitude – “Wow!” your spouse by satisfying their needs. Put their needs above your own. If both spouses can do this, they can find mutual satisfaction in their marriage.

9. Always include your spouse – Never make room for doubts or jealousy to creep in. Include your spouse if you find yourself alone with those of the opposite gender. Talk about your spouse in positive ways to those on the workplace and avoid flirtatious behavior from any individual.

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