Did you or someone you know go into a marriage thinking you/they could change certain things about a spouse’s character?

What did you see/learn from this kind of situation?

What kind of advice would you offer someone else who has thins kind of thinking?

Please share below!

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  1. What I realized through my experiences through relationships was that you cannot change someone. The common fallback is that the longer you’re with someone, the higher chance that you can change them but that isn’t how it works. Can you imagine being in a relationship where the whole time your partner wanted to change you? That would be sad! You want to be with someone and vice versa, where you both like the traits, habits and personality of each other. When it comes to marriage, go into it knowing with 100% certainity that you wouldn’t change a thing about your partner (its okay to be annoyed by little things like biting nails!) Ask God for confirmation about the relationship first and trust in your heart and instincts!

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  2. You can’t change someone to how you want them to be. Love is knowing the worst about someone, accepting it, and wanting to be with them anyway. To go into a relationship with the hope of changing your partner is a fools errand. If your goal is to change them, you have to ask yourself why you want to be with them.

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    1. No we cannot change another person. I believe though that giving well meaning criticism and support can help bring about a change. But that person needs to make the effort to bring about the change.

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  3. I don’t think it’s wise going into a relationship with the mindset of changing your partner. I think before you even decide to marry someone, it’s better to know the basic traits you desire in your partner, so it can guide you in making your final decision. You definitely won’t find 100%. However, someone with more of the traits you desire is fine, as long as you can handle the rest without issues. But while you are looking for the best in your partner, it’s also important you try to be the best for them too. 👍

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