Are You Committed?

Two people who are committed to each each other can enjoy a marriage. However, when two people make investments in their marriage it can be more than just enjoyable.

Take a look at your marriage and answer the following:

1. What are your marriage goals for this year? 

2. What positive changes are you and your spouse going to work on?

3. Is your marriage on auto pilot that’s without a destination?

4. Are you committed to your marriage when situations are difficult or when plans fall apart?

If your level of commitment is not where you want it to be, try the following:

Let your actions show how committed you are – Give a listening ear when your spouse needs it, go on dates, and laugh together.

Set aside negativity – Think positively and show positive behavior towards your spouse.

Say it – Tell your spouse how committed you are to your relationship and that you’ll stick together no matter what.

Set Goals – What positive changes would you both like to see in your marriage? Work on them together.

Support – Having friends and family members who share your values and beliefs can help you succeed. If there is an older couple you know ask them for some advice.

Pray – Bring your needs and desires before God. Seek His will for your lives and for your marriage. 

Recommit – Renew your vows publicly to show your spouse how committed you are.

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