Date Talk 

While out on dates with my husband we love to laugh, talk about the past and future, and so many other things. I’ve often seen other couples looking at us curiously or just simply looking at their phones instead of each other. Some couples don’t know what to talk about when the kids aren’t around or find it difficult to start a conversation in general.

Here are some conversation starters that are sure to help:

When we were dating, I used to admire _________ quality about you the most.

My favorite memory of us was when we did ________.

Where would you like to travel to for our ______ anniversary?

I laugh every time I think of you doing _________.

If you could live during a different time period which one would it be?

My favorite memory of our wedding day is _______.

If I could rename you it would be ___________. 

What was the funniest moment we shared while dating?

I have a memory of you in this outfit. You were wearing __________.

I always wished I could …..

I think of you when I hear (song).

If you could be famous for playing a particular instrument what would it be?

My favorite photo of us is ……

I feel most loved when you….

The book I’d love for us to read together would be _______.

If you could do anything for a day what would you choose to do?

If you could talk to a historical figure from the past who would it be?

Feel free to share any other conversation starters in the comment box below!

11 thoughts on “Date Talk 

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  1. Great ideas. I think I found one or two that I’ll use! 🙂 In all seriousness it’s critical that couples to break away from talking about the kids on a date. They’re important but it kind of defeats the purpose of date night.

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  2. We love talking about things we did when we were dating and funny memories we have together. My husband loves talking about sports and I don’t know much so I ask him questions. He’s pretty quiet but I know how to get him talking.

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  3. Thank you for “Liking” one of my comments! I appreciate that very much. Let me say I think these are good suggestions for “date night” conversation topics. Please stop by my blog and visit anytime…


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