Chase Your Lion

Benaiah son of Jehoiada, a valiant fighter from Kabzeel, performed great exploits. He struck down Moab’s two mightiest warriors. He also went down into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion. 1 Chronicles 11:22 NIV

Anyone else saying “wow!” ?. Benaiah was clearly a guy who wasn’t afraid to tackle challenges and it was this very fact that made him a hero in Israel. Here’s the way things normally go:

Lion gets hungry. Lion chases man. Man runs and lion enjoys a “manwhich”.

Benaiah was about to change everything. 

He made the predator the prey.  When the odds were two-to-one against him, Benaiah showed that a man can win in an unfair fight.

Like Benaiah when the odds are not in your favor, challenge yourself to do something about it. We often like things to come without a challenge but that’s not the way life works. From learning to walk to parenting itself, life bombards us with an onslaught of challenges every day.

That’s a good thing. Challenges are the breeding grounds of heroes. If that lion didn’t get hungry then Benaiah probably wouldn’t be known today. Let’s face it, good things never come easily so man up and break through the fear that holds you back.

Need to jump-start your career? Take the plunge!

Are gaps growing in your relationships? Build a bridge and cross it!

Financial challenges sucking the joy out of life? Make a plan and stick to it!

Real men don’t run from challenges- they make challenges run from them.

Take the Benaiah approach and have an awesome Monday.

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