Seduce Your Husband

Conquer. Conquer and Seduce.

To conquer means: to successfully overcome a problem or weakness. A wife needs to conquer her fear of embarrassment and shyness so that she can seduce her husband.

To seduce means: to attract powerfully. The act of seducing your husband is how you show your love, interest, and devotion to him.

The more that a wife schemes and plans ways to seduce her husband the more enthusiastic she will become about her sex life. When a husband sees his wife excited about their physical union the more thrilled he will be. Instead of being just husband and wife they will become true lovers.

Here are some small ways that you can learn to seduce your husband:

1. Dress attractively- Find out which particular styles your husband likes to see you in.  Don’t dress in rags or dingy clothing just because you’re home.

2. Initiate sex- How often do you do this? Your husband will appreciate it if you take an active role in fulfilling his need.

3. Show Confidence- Spritz on his favorite perfume and wear some lingerie.

4. Be Unpredictable- Keep your husband guessing. Surprise him with a massage or plan a weekend getaway (if your budget allows)!

5. Support Him- Don’t just show him…tell him!

6. Communicate- Send him spicy/romantic texts or emails during the day.

7. Listen- Let him open about his day at work. Ask questions, show interest, make sure to pay close attention.

8. Be spontaneous- Allow time for the one you love. Show him that he matters more than getting those dishes washed!

9.PDA- (Public Displays of Affection) Hold hands, kiss and gaze at each other.

If a wife can conquer her fears and seduce her husband they will have a closer bond, a better relationship, and a more advanced love life than they’ve ever had!

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  1. I am relatively newlywed, have been married just over a year now, and it saddens me everytime I look at a couple that has been married for a long time and see that there is no more romance between them. This is really something I am actively aware of and trying to avoid in our marriage in the future. Practical tips you are sharing here, thank you.

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