What Every Husband Loves To Hear

After writing my article “What Every Wife Loves to Hear” I knew I needed to write one for husbands.

In many marriages and relationships the focus usually is on the women. However, men need to hear certain things too.
One of the biggest needs a man has is respect. He needs assurance that he is esteemed in his wife’s eyes.

Here are some things that a husband would also love to hear.

1. “I’m glad I married you.” – Make your husband aware that you are happy being married to him. Let him know that you still would say “Yes!” today.

2. “I admire you.” – Notice the good choices and decisions he makes. Make a big deal out of something small or any of his accomplishments. Don’t focus on the negatives as this can tear a husband down.

3. “I believe in you.” – This is a great confidence booster! Just knowing this can turn a defeat into a victory or a frown into a smile. Reassure him that you will always believe in him.

4. “You were right.” – Humbly admitting when he is right shows that your pride is not more important than he is. It’s not about proving you can be right more than he can but letting him know that you know he’s right.

5. “I appreciate all you do for me and for our family.” – Let your husband know you appreciate how hard he works to bring a solid income into the family. If you are a stay at home wife/mom show him how grateful you are that he can support the entire family to allow you to take of the children.

6. “You are always looking out for me.” – Has your husband ever come to your rescue to change a flat tire? Or pays for services that will take care of you during an emergency if he can’t make it? Express how thankful you are that he cares enough to handle these situations for you.

Share this article with others to spread appreciation for husbands worldwide!

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  1. Great and practical advice! Especially in today’s world where we are bombarded with messages that men are not needed and women are superior, I believe the role of the Christian women is so much more important and vital for our societal wellbeing. We need to encourage men and uplift them, not just our husbands, brothers and fathers, but all men, to be the men and embody the role God created for them. The world needs men to be men.

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    1. So glad to hear a woman say that! Quite a true comment and one that I deal with a lot in my field. I often run across boys who are emotionally “stilted” because they feel less important or are unsure of their role as boys/young men because of the female-oriented slant society has taken. It’s really sad in a way.

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  2. For husbands, respect and appreciation are two things that can never be overemphasized. It’s important to verbalize that otherwise a husband can feel like he is “taken for granted.” Thanks for your insight.

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    1. I think we can all feel that way, JP, if appreciation is never verbalized. But I wanted to draw attention to showing appreciation for husbands. I think they need more attention as the focus of our society currently is on the women.

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  3. I agree with you on this the men, all men are just as important as women and needed to be treated as such. I tire of seeing post for women empowerment. It is men and women empowerment through God. Thanks a great post.

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