Marriage Mondays #4

Marriage Monday Tip #4

Remember your spouse on anniversaries and birthdays: Even a simple note or card can make the day a special one. If you forget,  go out of your way to make it up to your spouse.

Have a great week!

9 thoughts on “Marriage Mondays #4

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  1. Thanks for the great advice! Relationships need to be cultivated as I mentioned in my post “Invest in Your Marriage.”
    Just like a bank account, small investments add up and the converse is also true. Not investing in your marriage by forgetting details like birthdays, etc… will have adverse effects on the relationship.
    It’s not a very romantic way of looking at it, perhaps but I think the analogy can help us improve our marriages.

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  2. Cards and love notes are vital to me in my marriage ā€“ my love language is ā€˜Words of Affirmationā€™ thankfully my husband knows this and speaks my love language everyday!

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