A large part of manhood is leadership. Good leadership doesn’t mean that you can boss everyone around but it does mean that you accept the responsibility of making the best choices possible, living with the consequences of your actions, and being an example for others to follow.

While modern American society appears to have put a damper on male leadership, to lose sight of this critical aspect of your nature is to lose sight of who you are and who you were meant to be.  Men must make a conscious decision to lead by example, not by anger and not by force.

Leadership and respect go together. To lead well you must begin by establishing a reputation that earns the respect of those who follow you. This might be a group of friends at school. Perhaps a younger brother or sister. Maybe a youth group at church or even your own family. There is always someone that you can influence; the question is are you taking the necessary steps to build their respect for you?


Remember: leadership is not about being the boss. It’s about accepting responsibility, making decisions and being an example.

Next Monday:

Join me on  5/22  for a closer look at five ways to build respect in my next post: “Respect the Man.”

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    1. Thanks for your reply! I have two sons and every day I’m reminded about how important it is to teach them what leadership really is. Thanks!

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  1. Loved it. Also, I feel there are multiple ways to lead. But to be a strong individual within ones self, set the example first. Nobody wants to follow a guy completely out of sorts.

    Thanks for the post, looking forward to the next.


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