You Deserve to Be Recognized

I didn’t realize it then but I do now. 

As a parent, I now can understand what my parents had to go through raising my siblings and I. I respect them more than ever now because I can see things through the eyes of a mother. 

Raising a child/children is no easy task; Parents have to make constant sacrifices which can take its toll.

Both mothers and fathers are constantly watching out for their children even after their children are grown.

I applaud mothers and fathers who are raising their children right. They deserve to be recognized. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day should be celebrated every day!

Boost up your spouse in the eyes of your children. Mothers tell your children what a great dad they have! Fathers tell your children what a great mother they have! 

10 thoughts on “You Deserve to Be Recognized

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  1. They did a very great job raising us up in the way of the Lord, they compromised a lot for us all. I am not a mother yet but I feel the heat sometimes. Cool post, I like the call to action at the end. Kudos

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    1. I agree with you @omobim! Not a mother yet myself, but so thankful that I was raised in the house of the Lord, I was taught to read and meditate on His word and I am a better person for it, my life is richer and fuller!
      I invite you to our blog where we blog about women, life, relationships, all based on our faith.

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      1. That’s great! There is no other way out than through our Lord, Jesus Christ. I will definitely check out your blog.. would have preferred if you just drop me a link though. Much easier via phone.. Thanks.xoxo

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  2. Love your post! I was an early childhood teacher in NYC. While I loved teaching and young children I knew being a mother was not for me. While it’s love in big ways, It’s also relentless. Being a lover of freedom, independence, and quiet….does not a mother make. Hats off to all the parents…it’s the most challenging type of life.

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