Marriage Mondays #3

Marriage Monday Tip #3

Don’t let romantic relationships from the past resurface in the present on Facebook or other social media platforms. This jeopardizes the trust in your marriage and can lead to some serious problems.

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. Totally true. People often don’t realize what a pervasive threat social media can be to a relationship. It starts off so innocently…a Facebook post which sparks memories that lead to a phone call, then a friendly “catching up meeting”….you get the point.
    The best thing to do IF a past relationship comes up on social media is to immediately involve your spouse. Have your husband/wife be the one to respond to that person or let him/her read your posts/messages before you send them. I honestly think that this kind of communication should be kept to an absolute minimum. It’s just too dangerous!

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    1. I agree with you, JP. Immediately involving one’s spouse in a situation like this is a great way to prevent secrecy and future hurt. Both are bad ingredients for a successful relationship.
      Thank you for reading and for commenting!

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