Manhood Monday #1

How do you look?

Body language sends tons of unspoken messages about the kind of person you are. It’s like you’re sending an invisible text message with each step you take. Show the world you’re proud to be a man by keeping your shoulders back and head high. No matter what’s coming your way today, you’re going to conquer!








8 thoughts on “Manhood Monday #1

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  1. Hello! I found you over at the Community Pool, but I’m not too sure if you only wanted Men to review your post! 😀

    It’s good advice you have given and it’s I think it’s positive that you are choosing to start your ‘Manhood Monday’s’ for the reason that there are lots of this type of thing for women, but sadly lacking for the men out there.

    But……. I think it’s too short. The length is good if you are posting these nuggets daily, but as it’s only once a week, I think it should be much longer. Pick out one of the tips in your post and expand on it, write about it more in-depth.

    It’s great you are doing this and I think it’s something definitely to continue with 🙂

    Sorry if you only wanted male feedback!! 😉

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    1. Hi Victoria,
      No,feedback from anyone is welcome! Thanks for letting me know about that length. I had thought that shorter would be better but I’ll build them up a little more.

      Thanks again!

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  2. I think the idea is phenomenal. I haven’t seen many things for male support. I do appreciate that it is short, but I feel like its lacking a little substance. However, it is a great message. Keep working at it, you may have found something worth exploring.
    Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for sharing.

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