The Power of Words

Our words have so much power. We say them and can never take them back. We can never call back the hurt or anger they may have caused. 

Do we ever really think before we speak? We know we should..but do we ever take that extra step?

In those first few years after being married, my husband and I began the lifelong lesson of understanding each other. We said things while we were angry, misunderstood gestures and tones of voice, and acted in ways that we had to apologize to each other for. 

Our words towards each other almost 12 years ago can never be recalled. However, we have learned and still do forgive each other for all the hurt and anger we have caused. We take those moments and use them as stepping stones to make our relationship grow into something more and more beautiful.

To make a marriage bloom requires that you bury your mistakes and hurtful words of yesterday…and leave them buried.

Hurt, anger, and ill-used words are like weeds that will choke the life out of a beautiful marriage. Let your marriage bloom. Show the world the beauty of marriage.

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    1. Yes! It is usually during arguments or unpleasant circumstances that past experiences come up. It is best to never bring up these negative experiences unless both spouses want to talk about what they have learned from these experiences and how they will move forward with this knowledge.

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