6 Small Habits That Have a Big Impact on Marriage

I’ve often said that it’s the little things that couples do for each other that counts towards keeping a happy marriage. Of course the big things count too, I wouldn’t refuse to count a weekend getaway to NYC!

Doing small things with or for your spouse lets them know that you are thinking about them. Not only that but it makes your relationship stronger.

Here are 6 habits that my husband and I do every day that have a big impact on our relationship.

1. Goodbye and Hello – Sending my husband off to work with hugs, kisses, smiles and maybe a wink starts our day off on a more positive note. Welcoming him home after work by meeting him at the door with a smile shows him that he is very important.

2. Talk about the day – Even though my husband and I are apart during the day, it helps me to understand and connect with him about the things he’s experienced. He also asks about how my day went. We really listen to each other and pay close attention to what the other is saying. (This is possible with 3 young and loud children!)

3. Communicate – Sending an quick email, text or just leaving a voice mail on my husband’s phone lets him know that I am thinking about him during the course of the day. If I have fun/exciting plans for us later that evening this could be a great way to let him know about it.

4. Say “I Love You.” – I don’t know exactly how many times my husband and I say these words in one day but we say it often. This is not really a routine but more of a chance to verbally express our love. It is not only about saying the words but knowing what actions/specific thing “speaks” love to a spouse that can make a difference.

5. At Day’s End – Going to bed at the same time allows us to enjoy the quiet. Just knowing my husband is with me allows me to rest and sleep so much better. Couples who have the same bedtime can have a much easier time being intimate since they are both in the same place at the same time. We also make our bedroom a sanctuary; we leave all problems and situations at the door and focus only on each other.

6. Pray Together – Last but certainly not the least! We start our day and end it in prayer. Prayer brings us closer together because our hearts are open. There are no secrets or nothing too personal that my husband can’t hear about. We are united. We are man and wife.

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  1. My husband and I do most of these. One thing that we just started implementing is a designated date night. I mention this because our apartment is too small to let the bedroom be a “safe place” (as we use it for storage, hanging out, homework, etc.), but we do have a night every week where we completely focus on each other, catch up, resolve any conflicts, and simply reconnect. The point of creating space and/or time for you and your spouse is to demonstrate that your marriage is a priority. Thanks for the reminder!

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