Is Social Media a Poison to Healthy Marriages?

Has your marriage or other relationships been affected by social media/modern devices?

Are there any rules that couples can implement in their home about such devices/media to keep “connected” with each other?

I would love to hear your responses! Please share in the comment box below.


7 thoughts on “Is Social Media a Poison to Healthy Marriages?

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  1. Oh, it TOTALLY does! I absolutely hate cell phones and the convenience they pose for infidelity. We have a rule, no phones in the bathroom or bedroom. This alleviates some of the temptation to look up certain websites when the other isn’t home. We implemented these rules due to my husbands struggles but I make sure to adhere to them as well so that he doesn’t feel I’m being unfair.

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    1. Social media has its disadvantages. It is always good to keep a balance. I think it is great for husbands and wives to discuss boundaries within this sphere. Many times communications that seem insignificant with another person’s spouse can potentially have undesirable effects within a marriage.
      Thank you for your comment!

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  2. I’m the only one who social medias in my house and it’s all on wordpress. I like this because my wife reads my blog. All of my conversations are right there for her to read when she wants to. All the same, I check in with her frequently to make sure I’m not becoming overly obsessed with wordpress relationships (which are mostly with women). Thanks for asking the question. I can never spend too much time considering this topic.

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  3. we try really hard to ignore our phones when we have “us” time. it’s fair game if we are just watching tv or doing regular daily activities. i’m interested in implementing “no social media in the bedroom.” because we can get sucked into it before we go to sleep. my husband accused me of being on my phone too much, so i try to curb it now.

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