Why Do Compliments Matter?

Why is complimenting your spouse an important element of having a successful marriage?

1. Intimacy Stays Ignited – After some time, couples can take each other for granted. Giving compliments lets a spouse know that what they are doing or how they look is being noticed. Giving a simple or poetic compliment can work to keep the passion aflame.

2. Appreciation – When someone feels appreciated it makes them perform their tasks better. Complimenting your husband will not only make him feel appreciated, but even more positive about the role he holds within your marriage.

3. Communication – Giving compliments to your spouse will make you both feel connected. How did he handle that difficult phone conversation? How does he look in that suit? Being specific with your compliments opens up more opportunities for communication.

4. Lift Each Other Up – Speaking about your husband in a positive way to someone else (especially when he is present) shows to others that you are and your husband are a team. Lifting each other up in public shows a strong connected between you and your husband.

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  1. Compliments show how grateful you are for your spouse. I would hate to feel taken for granted which can foster other bad behavior, bad communication, and bad feelings that could easily be avoided if you take the time to say, please, thank you, your welcome, and I appreciate through word and deed.

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