4 Things A Husband Needs

When my husband and I held our first marriage seminar, “Marriage: The Bliss Never Ends”, we asked the attending men what they saw as “romance” from their wives. While not all men are the same, there are certain things that a husband generally likes to have within his marriage. Here are some of the answers that were shared.

1. Flirting
What are some reasons for flirting? To be desirable, to get your husband’s attention, or to let him know that you are interested in being passionate with him. Get his attention in a new way by sending him a spicy text during the day or giving an unexpected kiss at a stoplight. Keep your husband guessing about what you’ll do next.

2. Play
I think a life without some fun would be a mundane one! Men are usually active and like to play. Create some experiences with him. Get a little competitive during casual games, tease him a little. Plan dates (surprise him sometimes) together. Most of all, do something he likes that’s outside of your comfort zone.

3. Self Confidence
A wife who is confident is generally a more positive person to be around. She should not have unrealistic expectations of her husband or constantly beg for his attention. She knows what she’s about and knows how to please her husband. (See my article: Seduce Your Husband)

4. Respect
One of the most important needs a man has is respect. Usually, if a man does not have the respect of his wife he will feel like a failure. Use your words wisely. Praise your husband both in public and in private. Trust his judgements and support him. Your words and actions have the potential to bring out the best in him!

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