Have you ever counted how many times you looked at yourself in a mirror during the course of any given day? Have you ever stopped to look at yourself? I mean REALLY look, not a glance..a LOOK.

No doubt you may think about how you wish this were different, maybe that your nose wasn’t that big, or that your brows were more full, or even that your face wasn’t that round. The fact of the matter is..that reflection is YOU.

For many years I wished so many things about myself (physically) were different. When my husband would compliment me I wouldn’t take him seriously and ruin the compliment by saying something negative.

Our society is constantly putting women with “perfect” bodies before our eyes every day. This very fact makes women belittle themselves and turn to surgery to fix their “imperfections”.

Is there anything wrong with accepting ourselves just as we are? Certainly not! Life, changes, and having children causes so many changes in our bodies. We need to change our mentality and accept who we are and what we look like throughout the different stages of life. Look your best! Lose those 10 lbs that you promised to lose this year, be healthy, and exercise! Don’t spend your life wishing you could look like someone else.

Even beyond the physical appearances how are you seeing yourself in the REAL mirror, God’s Word?  Are you a woman who is reflecting teachings of a church that don’t match up with the Bible or are you reflecting REAL proof that Jesus is dwelling inside of you? Are you acting in ways that do not mirror what Jesus would do or has that reflection somehow become distorted?

Take a look in the mirror. What do you see?

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  1. Yes, this is very relevant. Society heaps unrealistic expectations on both women and men these days.

    What is more important? Being a loving, caring wife (or husband)! That is always beautiful to one’s spouse.

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    1. So true!
      I’ve come to understand that a husband loves his wife (if she’s a good one) for who and what she is, not some future redesigned version of herself. Any compliment he gives her should be welcomed and accepted because he is saying how he feels about her.


    1. It’s true. From a male standpoint I think that the fashion magazines etc…really are destroying society. Women’s focus on beauty actually makes men focus LESS on their personality and more on their physical attributes. This in turn can lead to a whole set of negatives in the relationship.

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      1. Relationships based on appearances only last until the next “beauty” comes along. A lasting marriage should not be built on appearances but the true beauty that is within.


      2. i agree…thats y i made that comment coz i dont normally check myself in the mirror coz of work and schedule…when i read ur blog, i thought about it…its so funny, coz at work when they ask me to describe the patient, i dont use physical attributes..they make fun of the point that they said that maybe in my eyes everybody look alike…😊

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