Appropriate Sex

Is sex important? Absolutely!

Marital sex is one of the most important part of our lives! Yet, we don’t talk about it as often as we should. People tell jokes about it, love to see it in movies, or read explicit scenes in books but hardly talk about the appropriate kind of sex.

Why is that?

Sex is everywhere. I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I have turned magazines around in the grocery aisles around because of inappropriate images of women and men we didn’t want our children exposed to. I personally didn’t want to see another half naked woman or a man other than my husband either. I hate to think of all the young women who try to look like that woman on the magazine cover and all the young men who get that image seared in their minds.

Sex is very personal. This is one of the reasons why sex outside of marriage, whether a person is single or not is harmful. When people engage in sexual activity before marriage they are sharing a very special part of themselves with someone who is most likely not going to marry them. (It’s really a selfish act.)They find sexual satisfaction now but rob their future spouse of something precious. How many children pay the price for these selfish choices? How many children will never have both father and mother in a home?

Sex is fulfilling. When both husband and wife enter into marriage without having any previous sexual experiences it makes them have a special bond. Just the fact that they have kept themselves pure for each other makes each uniting moment so unique.

Think about it: If a husband or wife has had sexual experiences before marriage, they bring every past encounter with them into their marriage bed.

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  1. Thanks! It’s true that marital intimacy IS better after marriage. For those who have already been with a partner before marriage, the deed obviously can’t be undone but I think they should avoid any further sexual acts with the person-even if they think they’re going to marry him/her.

    I wrote a post on a similar topic: Bible on the Dresser, Condoms in the Drawer: God’s opinion of Premarital Sex.

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  2. I was a virgin when I met my husband, he had already been with several other people. People do not understand the implications of sex before marriage and how it can effect their future spouse. It’s something I struggle with and probably always will! I waited for him, why was i not important to be waited for? It is an easy way for the enemy to sneak in, but I always have to remind myself that he is forgiven and his past sins are no ‘worse’ than any of mine. Sex has become so mainstream that it takes away the exact purpose for its creation. It truly is beautiful in marriage; it’s disheartening that more people don’t wait for that experience.


  3. Great post. Yes, in our society, sex is trivialized (and cheapened) by essentially detaching it from love and commitment. The “hook-up” culture is prevalent where mere mutual sexual arousal is enough for intimate relations among strangers.

    What can Christians do? Play a more active role in how we raise our children and work to counter the messages they are bombarded with from the toxic culture.


    1. Children are the one of the legacies we leave behind. Teaching them and showing them the true Christ-like nature is one of the best things we can do. Once a heart is fully surrendered to the Lord it takes away the desire to do wrong. Although temptations arise, that person will live in a way to please God.


  4. I have to agree with the other who have posted. Sex and being sexual is becoming a part of every day culture. It has wormed it’s way into TV, books, and even the news. Unfortunately, it begins to destroy the true meaning behind it. As a twenty something, people find it strange that I am getting married so young because I haven’t had time to live, or the fact I will be tied down. I truly hope that the culture will soon shift, however, with the constant berating Christianity faces, it is a long uphill battle.


  5. “If a husband or wife has had sexual experiences before marriage, they bring every past encounter with them into their marriage bed.” That is the truth. And what we don’t realize is a lot of the time, we start comparing our past sexual encounters to our marriage which is one huge slippery slope!

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