How To Make Time For Your Spouse

One of the things that we as human beings struggle with on a daily basis is time. It seems to be our just keeps on going while we’re not looking. Many couples desire to invest their time into their marriage but just don’t know how to do so. With young children, job schedules, errands, or all three combined it just seems impossible.

Regardless of how busy couples get, I will always encourage them to dedicate time and energy where it really matters.

Here are some tips on how to make time for your spouse:

1. Watch less TV – The time spent in front of the TV easily can add up to hours.  In our home, we don’t have a TV. We would watch a family movie/video once in a while but our priorities are spending time with each other..not watching a screen.

2. Limit time spent on social media – I think this one is an obvious choice. The whole world or media followers don’t need to know what you had for dinner last night. Instead, put down all devices and have a real conversation with your spouse on things that matter in your relationship.

3. Hire a Housekeeper – This may not be doable for everyone but it can be a great investment for your time. If you can make it happen once or twice a month that allows you have less stress and worries about cleaning up. Perhaps switch out your new car for a used one to help cover the cost. The more time you have is the more time you can have plotting and scheming of ways to romance your spouse.

4. At-Home-Dates – If you have young children, give them tasks/activities/tablets that will take up about 1hr time. Explain sweetly that you will set a timer and until that time is up it is just quiet time for Dad and Mom.

5. Stopping Point – Have a time in mind where you will stop everything and focus on your spouse.

6. Earlier bedtime – One of the things that is good about winter is that the sun sets earlier. Put kids to bed about 15 mins. earlier than usual..they may not recognize the time difference.

7. Plan Ahead – Letting your spouse know that you’d like to do something special on a particular date in advance will allow them to plan accordingly.

To find time for your spouse may seem impossible but to MAKE the time is doable if you can shuffle a few things around. Your marriage will be stronger and more enjoyable when you MAKE time for your spouse.

If you have any other suggestions please share them!

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