Zero In

When a married couple has spent many years together it can be hard to find the time to spend cultivating their relationship. Both are usually busy with work, parenting and other tasks.

While I love date nights and I think they are important, sometimes you need more than just a few hours alone. Planning a getaway for just you and your husband is a perfect way to spend time alone together and focus ONLY on each other. It will take some thought and creativity.

If you’d like to plan a getaway you’ll need to:

1. Choose dates and schedule the time off

2. Set a budget

3. Choose a destination-let your choice be a place that will have activities/events that you and your husband will both love

If planning a getaway is not possible right now their are other fun ways to spend time together.

Here are some ideas:

1. Lingerie scavenger hunt- place clues and pieces of lingerie around the house for him to find or place them in manila envelopes in different locations such as the car, P.O Box, etc.

2. Candlelight massages

3. Take a cooking class together with a professional chef

4. Go on a day trip during the week to a nearby big city (without the kids)

5. Spend the day in bed

Many times a change in scenery or doing something out of your usual everyday routine can do wonders for your marriage. The effort and thought that goes into planning special for your spouse can mean so much to him. Make every one of these moments special..make wonderful memories.

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