A Great Love Life

Do you ever wonder why it’s important to be your spouse’s best friend? Here are some reasons why.

A fulfilling marriage
A happy relationship
A great love life

A loving and full relationship requires both husband and wife to be completely open and honest with each other. There should nothing about each spouse that the other doesn’t know. A husband should know everything there is to know about his wife and his wife should know all there is to know about him.

Through this intimate sharing and bonding, the relationship between husband and wife becomes strong. They will learn to laugh, dream, and accomplish goals together. Whatever connections they desire to have with other human beings will be fulfilled right within their marriage. There will be no need to look for it elsewhere.

Spending time with friends of the same gender is certainly important. But the best and most intimate of friendships should happen between a husband and wife. He will be the first one she tells her good news to and he will rather keep his plans with her than spend time with his friends.

A husband with a wife who is his best friend will feel like the most important person in her life. She should always respect and love him. She should never humiliate or belittle his or the character of men in public. In front of her children, she should always show the same type of respect she would like shown to herself.

A great love life will happen if both husband and wife are wholly devoted to each other. They need to communicate their devotion both verbally and non verbally to each other with looks, expressions, gestures and words.

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