There’s a saying that I heard all the time as a child. “You never miss the water until the well runs dry.” In other words, you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone or taken away. In many modern marriages this seems to be the case.

While I do not wish anyone’s husband to be “taken away”, I do feel that it is important for a wife to make her husband feel appreciated.

Do you….?

1. Complain about him to other wives/women?
2. Treat him like a child?
3. Roll your eyes when talking to/about him?
4. Criticize him in front of kids, extended family and friends?
5. Look down on his needs?
6. Tell jokes/sayings that put husbands down?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions perhaps you should consider how you would feel if your husband did these things to you.

Husbands and wives should find a treasure in each other. Are you the kind of wife that he can speak positively about? Is he the kind of husband you can speak positively about?

While no husband or wife is perfect and makes mistakes, it is important to give constructive criticism to each other. Keeping those communication lines open and a willingness to listen and change to please each other can play an important role in every marriage.

Think about the things that your husband does for you. Have you thanked him lately or did you just think that he did what was expected of him?

Make a list about the things that he did for you and what you are grateful for.

Has he..:

1. Come to the rescue when you had a flat tire or paid for roadside assistance to make sure you are taken care of?
2. Cooked dinner or ordered pizza when you were sick?
3. Occasionally offered to help you around the house or with the kids?
4. Not complained when you were too busy to make dinner and had to have sandwiches instead?
5. Taken care of an errand for you?
6. Praised you in public, telling others what a treasure you are?

Think about the positive things that your husband does for you! Tell him about what you are thankful for! Make sure to never say anything negative about your husband in public.

Be a treasure to him and let him know that he is a treasure to you!

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