Become the “Queen of Romance”

Fill in the blank: “If I do___________, my husband would be so shocked!”

Whatever you just completed the sentence with do it and “shock” your husband. Surprise him!
It’s true that the more we do things, the better we become at doing them. The more you “wow” your husband, the better you’ll become at it. You may not become a “Queen of Romance” overnight but take a step to becoming one.
Testing the waters outside of your comfort zone may make you a little nervous, and that’s OK. Remember why you’re doing this. Even if you both end up roaring with laughter it’s the experience that counts! He will appreciate you trying.
Your husband is your best friend. Both of you should know things about each other that no one else knows. Better communication brings the results of a deeper and more intimate marriage.
Not sure how well you and your husband are communicating? Here are some questions that should help you decide how well you know your husband and how well you are communicating. If you are having a hard time with most of them, then you need to spend time getting to know him better.

1. What is his preferred brand of cologne/soap?

2. What is his favorite type of food to eat? Favorite dessert?

3. When he was a child, what profession did he wish to have?

4. Which piece/pieces of your lingerie does he like the best?

5. What is his happiest memory?

6. Which one of your traits does he like the most?

7. Does he have a favorite brand of clothes he likes to wear?

8. What does he struggle with spiritually?

9. Which one of your traits would he like you to change?

10. Who does he admire the most?

11. What does he like best when you’re both in bed?

12. What instrument did he play in high school?

13. Does he have a favorite song? What is it?

14. What do you think would “wow” him?

15. What color does he like to see you wear?

16. What does he think you’re good at?

17. What is his favorite outdoor/indoor activity?

18. Does he prefer his tea/coffee hot or cold?

19. What is his most unhappy memory?

20. What are his goals for the future?

If you have realized that you need to know your husband more, open up your lines of communication. Don’t put it off, start today!

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  1. Great article. I like the questions. I wonder if my wife knows what profession I wanted to have as a child. I’ll have to ask her. šŸ™‚ Thanks and keep writing!


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