Space and Grace

Many women wish that their husbands would help with the children or around the house more. The truth is that many husbands don’t see the need. Why? Because their wife usually jumps in fixes what they were trying to do.

Wives who cannot resist the urge to have things done only in their way need to implement a “space and grace” attitude. If a husband tries to do something and it doesn’t come right, don’t fix it. Instead, praise him for his efforts.If he emptied the dishwasher and put the dishes in the wrong place or attempted to dress the children and put their clothes on backwards, praise him for his efforts. The fact is that he tried. Don’t fuss, silently fume, or fix ANYTHING.

If a wife fusses over what her husband did wrong and fixes what he has done, he will withdraw. He will stop trying to help because whatever he does is always being corrected by his wife. Where does this leave that fussing wife? She ends up doing everything herself and gets frustrated when he doesn’t offer to help.

If a wife can put this “space and grace” attitude towards her marriage she will discover a new respect for the man she loves.
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  1. A husband and wife should work together like a team. When a game of any sport is being played, we don’t see team members redoing what they thought was a bad move from one of their mates. Instead, they work together with the same goal in mind: WIN!
    Husbands and wives who work together are winners!


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