Running always left me breathless. I couldn’t stand it. I would get these pains in my side that just made me want to stop.

Now that I’m older and more active, I’m willing to try running again.

My husband recently started running and it looks like a great way to help stay in shape. After his run one day, he said that I should run with him. My mind automatically went to what I could wear to run that would help me keep cool. Nothing.

I began looking online for an exercise skirt that would be made from that sweat wicking material and would allow me to remain as cool and comfortable as possible.

I checked Under Armor, Athleta, Amazon and other places and couldn’t find anything. ( I was also looking for an exercise skirt for my 7 year old daughter.)

I finally came upon a website called Success!

I will be ordering from them soon and hope to order many more of those skirts as my daughter continues to grow.

If you know of any other websites or ideas that you’d like to share with others please leave them in the comments below!


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  1. I love the modesty here! It is so hard to find modesty attire these days and people who support and encourage our young and teenage girls to respect their bodies. I love this blog and I will be visiting the modesty attire link. Blessings.

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