Love Letters

When my husband and I were in the courtship phase of our relationship we began writing letters to one another. While we still communicated via email and telephone, there was something more personal about receiving a written letter. The fact that he had taken the time to write it out, personalize it, get a stamp and mail it out made it so special. I remember reading each letter more than once and putting them away in a special place. And every so often I would take out older letters and read them again and again. After all these years of marriage, I still have those letters. Those letters are very special to me.
While these letters have a special place in my heart, I think about another set of love letters. These letters were written to everyone from our dear Lord Jesus. When I think about how His Book and His actions have showed how much He loves us, it makes me love Him more and more.
Reading His love letters should never become a chore or routine that I do daily but something I really want to do. I shouldn’t rush and just get it over with but spend time reading in between the lines. By Reading His love letters is how I get to know Him more. Since He never changes I know that how He was will be the same as how He is today. (Heb13:8)
I’ve heard it said that, “To fall in love with Christ is the greatest of all romances” and I really agree with that statement. There is no greater or higher love than His love.
Keep reading His letters of love and hold them close to your heart.

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