Living Realities

One of first reasons that little children (and sometimes adults) really get interested in reading the Bible is because of all the exciting stories! Even before they could read they want you to read that same story over and over again about David and Goliath or about Esther. They may not understand everything but they like the stories. As kids get older and learn to separate fiction from non-fiction, it is important to let them know that these events from the Bible are not just stories. These events and people in the Bible were real!
God had his people and prophets doing great and mighty things throughout the ages. Think about Esther and how she saved her people from annihilation. Think about Moses parting the sea so that he and his people can cross over to escape the pharaoh and his army. Think about Elijah calling down fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice on Mount Carmel.These people were true heroes of the Bible!
While these men and women did amazing things, the world’s eyes doesn’t seem to see them or the Mighty God they pointed everyone to. Instead, we see the so called heroes that man has made for himself. These heroes are known as the creation of Marvel Comics and other similar companies.
We know that these comic heroes do not exist, are totally fiction and are just the imagination of someone’s mind. There is no one who can lift a car with one hand, or turn from being skinny to muscular by drinking a serum, or even shoot webs out from the palms of his hands.
Why let these things get a hold of our children? Surround them with truth and the Word of God. While the Ninja Turtles or Ant Man may be the hero that is popular right now, let us teach our children who the real heroes are.
Who are the real heroes? You, me..anyone who receives the Holy Ghost. He gives us the power to live above the world. The things of the world do not seem appealing to us. Instead, we see how crazy the world is.
Jesus said, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.”
Taking up a cross daily? That doesn’t seem very pleasant. But that is what God’s heroes do every day. We put our flesh under subjection to the Word of God and resist the wiles of Satan.
Putting the right things before the eyes of our children will show them the importance of what it means to serve the Lord. Do we want them to strive to be like the heroes of the Bible or the heroes designed by man?

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