Deepen Your Relationship

Ready to deepen your relationship with your spouse? After being married for many years sometimes women and men can feel that they become less important in the eyes of their spouse. Bills, life, kids many times takes priority in a relationship.

Maybe your spouse has never come outright and expressed his feelings to you..or perhaps you feel this way and have never expressed it to him either.
Sometimes it can be the little things that matter so much. Maybe it’s a simple comment about your appearance or noticing things you do for him. Whatever the reason may be, there’s no need to hide what you’re feeling. Open up and share it with your spouse.

Sometimes it’s hard to think outside the box of our own feelings. Talking to your husband about how you feel could alert you to how he’s feeling as well. Maybe he feels the same way too.
Both of you can make a plan to focus on each other for any length of time. So instead of thinking about your own feelings, make your husbands’ needs a priority and he will do the same for you.

Here are some ideas:

Focus on Him-His needs are just as important as your own. Find ways to show him that his thoughts/opinions/needs mean a lot to you. (Make his favorite meal, plan to do something/go somewhere he likes..)

Listen daily to the events of his day at work. Pay close attention to what he’s saying, ask questions, show support. No electronics allowed!

Go to bed at the same time.

Read your Bible and pray together. Start a Bible reading plan and talk about what you read during the day.

Keep up to date on how your husband has grown/changed. His lifestyle patterns from 4 years ago may not be the same ones today. Silently observe the changes that are going on in him and try to notice something new every day.

Randomly surprise him- Since little things matter so much, let it have the opposite effect in your relationship. Do little things for your spouse that show your affection and bring a smile to his face.

Any ideas of your own? Please share below!

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