Celebrate Your Love

One of the most romantic days of the year is quickly approaching. It is one of those days that I get excited about. My husband and I like to celebrate our love on this day…and not only on this day but on various days scattered throughout the year. We like to have fun, laugh, try new things and make memories together.
While many times it seems that the romantic gestures has to come from the man, it really doesn’t. Wives can be romantic to their husbands too or take the initiative to plan something special that both parties can enjoy.
It’s not just about flowers and kisses (although those are nice to receive) or even how much money you spend but just showing your spouse how much you love him in different ways.
Ready for some romantic fun?

Try surprising the man you love with some of these ideas!
1. Make a meal/dessert together- Try a new recipe together. It can be something you both like but have never made at home or something you’ve never tried at all. It’s all up to the both of you. Be adventurous!
2. Place love notes and put them in various places. (I.e. His coat pockets, briefcase, laptop bag, pants pocket, under his pillow etc.) Number them so you know if he’s found them all. You can explain to him what you’re doing or you can put the first couple of notes in obvious places so he can figure out what you’re doing on his own.
3. Fill a basket with pieces of paper that your spouse will choose. On those pieces of paper you can write different types hugs/kisses such as passionate, on the cheek, etc. Give him whatever it is described on the paper(s) he chooses.
4. Have a candlelight dinner at home and then give him a massage.
5. Purchase some new lingerie just for the occasion.
6. Make a reservation (at home)- have someone watch the kids overnight so you and your husband can have the house to yourselves. Make it even more memorable by watching the sunrise!
7. Send your spouse a spicy text every hour, on the hour.
8. Tape love notes on the steering wheel and dashboard of your husband’s vehicle.
9. Have a picnic indoors.
10. Redecorate your bedroom- buy new sheets, get some scented candles, change your lampshades or replace your current lightbulb with a colored one to add a soft glow to your room.

Have an idea you’d like to share? Please reply below.


6 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Love

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  1. Do something different. Outside your “comfort zone”. We are going to try to do that this year. 🙂 It might be a bit scary, but I’m sure it will be well worth it to try new things.


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