Raising an Overcomer

How does a parent raise a child to be an overcomer? Well, by reflecting the greatest parent of all: God. That may seem overwhelming and impossible. Of course parents cannot be all-knowing and sometimes make mistakes sometimes but God is the perfect parent that we should want to reflect.

Let’s take these 4 aspects of parenting and see how we should reflect them to our children:

1. Spiritual leadership

2. Relantionship

3. Discipline

4. Understanding

If we look at the scenario that happens in the first couple chapters of Genesis we will see God, the father of the first man and woman: Adam and Eve. After Adam is put into a body of flesh we understand that he feels lonely. While there is no mention of Adam asking God for a wife, we see God understanding Adams’ need for his missing “part” and provides him with Eve. What about us? Are we understanding the needs of our children? I’m not only talking about providing for physical needs but also emotional needs. Does he/she want you to understand that they need your attention more? Remember, every child is unique. YOUR child IS unique.

We see God having a close relationship with his children. He came down to fellowship with them and would kiss them each goodnight. We need to have a close relationship with our children that also allows lines of communication. Listen to what they have to say and talk back to them. As children get older their interests change. Keep up to date with the changes going on in your child. When they reach those teenage years you need them to be open about the changes they’re going through. Be a friend to your child. Show genuine interest in what makes them unique. Don’t make your child feel under pressure by your conversations as if you’re just prying for information. If they feel that they cannot express things to you they will find someone else who will listen: a friend, teacher, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

Be the spiritual leaders in your home. Lead by example. God was the spiritual leader in the Garden of Eden. He, of course, obeyed His own Word. Live a Word life in front of your child. Be the right kind of example that they would want to follow. Start reading your Bible or praying together.

Discipline. This one is something that people generally don’t talk about. God disciplined Adam and Eve for their disobedience of His Word. What did God do? He specifically told them not to do one thing and they disobeyed. Let’s learn from this situation. Do you give your child specific guidelines about what is right or wrong to do? And that if they do the wrong thing they will be disciplined? We cannot expect especially young children to know what is right from wrong. When disciplining your child make sure he/she knows what they did wrong, what they should have done instead, and how they will change/make things right.

Understand your child. Even after they make mistakes show and tell them that you love them no matter what. Even after Adam and Eve did wrong, God understood the need mankind had to be redeemed. In fact, this way was provided for us before the foundation of the world! Understand what your child needs during changes in life. Todays needs may not be tomorrow’s. Remember to communicate with your child and always keep an “open door”.

Our roles as a parent is very important! Seek direction from the Word on how to be the best parent that you can be. It is possible to raise a champion, just reflect the greatest parent of all.

4 thoughts on “Raising an Overcomer

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  1. I always know that as long as our children know and fear the Lord, they will seek to honor Him in every aspect of their lives thus everything else falling in place.That is my constant prayer for them.

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    1. That sounds wonderful!
      The Bible tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. As parents it is our duty to teach and show our children what true Christianity is and set a good example for them.
      Thanks for reading!

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