What is a Christian Champion?

After discovering similarities between the sports world and parenting we chose to make a parallel between the two topics. My husband and I were on our way back home from Ohio. It was summer break and since we had a couple hours left before reaching our destination, we began talking about these two topics. While we personally do not support sports, we used it as our theme to make our points clearer to our audience.

While reading this article or any of the future ones in this series please do not feel that you are not a good parent. The very fact that you are reading it means that you care about your child and want to become a better parent! It also does not mean that my husband and I are the perfect parents. We just want to present some ideas to our audiences..perhaps some of which you have never thought of.

Ready? Let’s go!

Think about it: What do you see your child as 20 years from now? Take a couple minutes and write down your thoughts.

Take a look at your answers. While natural things are very important, the spiritual things matter more. We all want good things for our children; we want them to be saved and to be filled with the Holy-Ghost.

What is a parents’ role in helping his\her child achieve these goals? The parent is like a coach and the child is like a player who is being trained to become a champion.

We know that every sports coach wants to bring out the best in the player. He will push the player to practice over and over with goals in his mind. He will want this player to be a champion someday.

Parents, however, are not trying to raise a sports champion but a Christian champion. What is a Christian champion? An overcomer. (Rev. 3:21)

How does a parent raise an overcomer?

Find out in the next article!

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