Happily Married Couples Tend To…

We’ve all heard at some point or another that communication is an important part of marriage. My husband and I had even made it part of our marriage seminars in “Marriage:The Bliss Never Ends” and “Marriage:Decoding the Mystery”. It really is a true statment: Communication is a key element to a successful marriage.

There are 5 ways that couples communicate with one another.

1. The context of a situation

2. Nonverbal physical expression (behavior, facial expressions, gestures, etc)

3. Spoken or written communication

4. Touch

5. Emotion

We are not limited to using one of these at a time. Sometimes there can be different methods of communication happening all at once. Even if a couple were to decide not to talk to one another they would still be communicating through body language, facial expressions, and emotions. But let’s focus in on how happily married couples communicate.

Happily married couples tend to:

(a) talk to each other more often

(b) are more sensitive to each other’s feelings

(c) use non-verbal communication more effectively

Non verbal communiation is excellent but don’t expect your husband to know what you are thinking. He may not be able to interpret your sigh as “It would be nice to receive some flowers.” If you are trying to tell him something non verbally and he’s not picking up on what you’re trying to say don’t get frustrated. Try to communicate in a way that he could understand your feelings/needs better and learn something more about you.

Keep learning about each others’ ways of communication, you’ll undertand each other more and take your relationship to a higher level.

Coming soon: Want to introduce the language of love into the way you communicate with your spouse? Check back soon to read this article!

2 thoughts on “Happily Married Couples Tend To…

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  1. correct! I’ve heard it over and over: men cannot “interpret” what we mean, often. They also are not mind readers. šŸ™‚ To minimize frustration, we often just have to “spell it out for them”. The male mind is totally different from the female one.


  2. Women are known to be more social than men. There are blogs and online communities by women for almost anything you want to talk about!
    Men are more straightforward. If you want them to know something and your “signal” doesn’t work then you’ve got to tell them. šŸ™‚


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